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I write music. I play music. I barely make enough money to live off of. I'm happy.

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Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - August 19th, 2008

Well, it all started with my ex Kylie calling me about 2 weeks ago telling me she was moving back here. When her flight got in I picked her up at the airport, dropped her bags off at her parents house then went out to grab some coffee. About 10 minutes into our conversation and shit she just leans over and kisses me. I was pretty shocked and shit, but I'll be honest, I didn't fight it. This turned into a long ass conversation about how she's still in love with me, which led back to my place. Brittney was at work so I figured it wouldn't matter she was there. We had a few beers, watched some Olympics, and out of the blue she kisses me again, this time it went a little further. Again, being a guy I'm not gonna say no to it, so she starts tearing off clothes and we end up fucking 2 or 3 times. I felt really guilty about it so about an hour after taking Kylie home, Brittney gets home and I say "I have something I need to tell you." She said Kylie already called her and told her everything (they were actually really good friends through school) and she really didn't seem to care. If anything she encouraged me to go on with it. Pic attached.

I'm pretty fuckin happy

Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - August 9th, 2008

Isn't Bill Kaulitz cute?


Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - July 4th, 2008

Yeah I cut them off :(

They were awesome

So... the dreads are gone.

Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - October 5th, 2007

So new post...

You all wish you were black.

Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - August 7th, 2007

The man was my idol. I can't believe it has almost been 4 years since he was killed. And yet there are still people out there who make fun of it. Nothing irritates me more than making fun of people who didn't deserve death. Regardless, Dimebag changed metal and all of rock for the better forever with his music and design. Still missin ya man.

I miss "Dimebag" Darell Abbott

Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - July 27th, 2007

You know the feeling when you go down a steep hill really fast? I just got that. But I wasn't moving. Yeah. It was weird.

Posted by Fr0z3nb14d3 - July 20th, 2007